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About Us

About Us

Provider Engagement can vary from non-engaged to highly engaged models. We believe that success in the value based care world will be increasingly dependent on a highly engaged, collaborative model.

At Reventics, we engage with Providers and help them establish a collaborative framework to improve healthcare delivery by focusing on financial and clinical outcomes.

Reventics leverages technology and analytics to implement Provider focused solutions that deliver tangible, measurable results.

  • Research
    & Case Study

  • Practices To Combat ER Overcrowding, Study Finds

    Crowded emergency departments have been vexing patients and hospital staff for years as consumers have increasingly sought care there. But a new study finds that many of the busiest facilities have yet to adopt several well regarded measures to reduce the wait and minimize delays.

  • What is medical auditing?

    Quality health care is based on accurate and complete clinical documentation in the medical record. The best way to improve your clinical documentation and the livelihood of your health care organization is through medical record audits.

  • 5 Reasons Feds Are Overhauling Regs On Medicaid Outsourcing

    Democrats want wider health care coverage. Republicans want privatization of government programs. They’re both getting their way with the Medicaid program for children and the poor.

  • Heavy Use Of CT Scans Raises Concerns About Patients’ Exposure To Radiation

    Jean Hanvik decided that enough was enough. When a painful intestinal inflammation flared in 2014, the 55-year-old benefits communications consultant balked at her doctor’s recommendation that she undergo another abdominal CT scan — her fourth in eight years.