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25 Apr 2021 | Blog Post

The Gaps in The Guidelines and Their Implications For Urgent Care Facilities

The urgent care market is predicted to exceed $26B by 2024, showing the vital role of these facilities in the healthcare ecosystem. Urgent care practices, however, are among several specialties we identified that are more susceptible to misinterpreting the 2021 AMA CPT guidelines because of the types of cases they see. This blog post identifies some of those potential misinterpretations and how to address them.

25 Apr 2021 | Blog Post

The Difficulties of Medical Coding COVID in 2021

There have been more than 30M COVID-19 cases in the United States, which makes it hard to fathom that when the AMA was reviewing and reformulating the CPT guidelines, SARS-CoV-2 didn’t exist. This happenstance of timing impacts medical coding across all types of specialties and practices. The guidelines don’t begin to address many of the questions that stem from COVID-19, leading to widespread difficulties in coding. Reventics CDI team spent over 60 days re-interpreting and using these guidelines in real-time reduce the ambiguity around COVID-19. This blog post provides recommendations on how to code the impacts of the pandemic.