Employee Benefits Summary

  • Competitive Compensation
    We have a competitive compensation structure which attracts the employees and motivates to retain the resources.
  • Medical and Leave Benefits
    Health insurance for employee’s and their family is being provided by the organization. All our employees are eligible for maternity, paternity leave and bereavement leave.
  • Awards and Recognition
    RNR (Rewards N Recognition) program instituted on regular basis, for the employees demonstrating their performance excellence.
  • PADP-Performance Appraisal and Development Plan
    For our employees, the performance management process is an integral part of their career development. It provides an avenue to get feedback on individual performance and to identify training needs and development plans.
  • Conveyance Facility
    Considering our work style, we facilitate the night shift employees with the cab facility for dropping them home.
  • Leadership Training Program
    Reventics believes in grooming the resources to next level (i.e.) to shape them up as leaders, as part of that on monthly basis resources are nominated for a external leadership program.