Advanced CDI & RCM Technology Platform

The intelligence of Reventics’ CDI & RCM solutions is enabled by a sophisticated engine that consumes huge amounts of data, applies specialty specific clinical and medical billing intelligence, and delivers insights through an elegant, seamless integration with the workflow. Our products all leverage this same core solution to drive the revenue, compliance, and quality outcomes realized across encounter stages.

At the heart of our RevCDI and RevMAX solutions is our Clinical Cognitive Engine.

We built Reventics CDI and RCM program around an approach structured to deliver solutions that are clinically focused, analytics-led, and technology driven.

Our platform serves as the engine that supports our ability to engage with physicians in a meaningful, simplified way and deliver the analytic insights that lead to revenue optimization. 

At the heart of our solutions is our Clinical Cognitive Engine.

This common AI and robotics technology platform combines machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation to improve compliance and maximize compliant revenue across the full revenue cycle continuum. From pre-encounter, through the patient encounter, and post-encounter, this platform ensures continuous learning that delivers industry-leading efficiency and profitability for our customers.

How Does The Clinical Cognitive Engine
Improve Performance?

We focus on physician billing.

As a result, we have a deep well of physician medical billing data that represents a collective thousands of years of coder experience. The sophistication of the Clinical Cognitive Engine allows us to unlock the power of data—both structured and unstructured—to understand an individual client’s data more effectively and efficiently within the context of a specific specialty.

But data only tells part of the story.

The Clinical Cognitive Engine combines three advanced AI technologies:


Hundreds of bots work across front end and back end revenue cycle management and clinical documentation improvement processes to enable automation from eligibility checks to documentation review to collections.

Machine Learning

Advanced algorithms make sense of complex patterns within documentation and physician billing data to analyze 100% of charts, identify E&M deficiencies, enhance workflow, and maximize compliant revenues. Our approach enables continuous learning within the platform so that our CDI and RCM solutions become smarter about an individual client’s data with every new piece of information that is added to the platform.

Natural Language Processing

Up to 80 percent of physician billing data is unstructured. Making sense and use of this data requires advanced natural language processing capabilities that are tuned to provider workflows and specialties. We bring this capability through our platform to extend the value of your data and to exponentially increase solution efficiency.
This one platform supports all major aspects of the revenue cycle and leverages high-speed connectors across the workflow to deliver near real-time insights that are consumed through the natural interaction that occurs between end-users and the workflow.

The Business Intelligence Platform

Reventics leverages advanced data visualization technology from Tableau to provide data driven, comprehensive and actionable dashboards and reports so that our clients can easily monitor their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) through wide range of metrics and measure organizational performance, increase business efficiencies and create a competitive advantage.
Through our busines intelligence layer, our clients have timely access to actionable data and reports, with comparative and longitudinal trending at an aggregate level, and detailed drill down views to both the provider and patient levels.
This rich and comprehensive data visualization delivers meaningful results through best-in-class dashboards, reports and ad hoc queries. Our business intelligence and data visualization platform is sophisticated enough to provide either aggregated information for the practice or dis-aggregated based on the client’s needs whether it be by site, by specialty, by provider, by payer or even by patient, all available real-time and on-demand through click of just a few buttons.

Epic Resolute as the Billing Platform

While Reventics is technology agnostic and works with all leading billing platforms to deliver RCM solutions, in the event that a client is looking for an end-to-end solution, Reventics uses Epic Resolute as our billing platform.

We have been a customer of Epic for more than 15 years and the unique relationship has strengthened our solutions that allows us to deliver exceptional financial outcome for our customers. Our Epic relationship and expertise spans three key areas:

Our Epic relationship and expertise spans three key areas:

Reventics as a customer of Epic

Reventics uses the Resolute Professional Billing across several of its existing clients as a billing platform

Reventics’ expertise for optimizing Epic for RCM

Reventics has experienced Epic professionals who work with clients’ own Epic instances to ensure proper configuration and deployment of Epic from a functional perspective that helps in optimizing RCM functionality.

Reventics-Epic integration for RevCDI

Reventics’ RevCDI product is integrated directly with Epic that makes it available as an app on the App Orchard program of Epic.

Our Solutions

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RevCDI™ focuses on all aspects of clinical documentation improvement (CDI), and computer-assisted coding. The solution has a proven track record of improving compliance and increasing cash/wRVU by 5-15 percent.


RevMAX™ provides a comprehensive solution for all aspects of denials prevention and denials management with a proven track record of delivering a 5-10 percent improvement across collections and denial rates.