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Reventics uses widely accepted, standardized condition definitions based on current medical literature to guide both inpatient and outpatient physicians on how to document these conditions in the right situation every time.

Using this approach, we deliver immediate, demonstrable improvement in clinical documentation. We deliver regular feedback to physicians, hospitals, and clinic administrators on individual and group performance levels to ensure physicians maintain their documentation improvement over the long term.

Highly Efficient CDI Query Workflow

The Reventics platform offers an end-to-end workflow process that enables clinical staff to assign worklists to conduct chart reviews, send queries, receive responses from physicians, forward resolved cases to coding, and track productivity more effectively.

This customizable, highly interactive CDI solution offers query processes with role-based access for physicians, administrators, CDI specialists, and coders. It includes an automated alert system for high productivity, quick resolution resulting in improved outpatient clinical documentation quality, accuracy, and reimbursement.

Physician Engagement Optimized

Reventics offers a customized education platform tailored to diverse learning styles, including self-directed modules, tip sheets, webinars, on-demand videos, and gaming arcades.

Our platform leverages a proprietary intelligent training framework that identifies clinical educational improvement opportunities and automatically assigns learning modules based on historic documentation deficiencies. For instance, if a physician has documentation deficiencies relating to E&M or Medical Decision Making (MDM), then the platform sends customized notification alerts with education materials that are specific and relevant for that physician.

We are very happy with the improvements from Reventics CDI that we are comfortable moving work from two other coding vendors to Reventics.

— VP, Revenue Cycle
US Top 10 Academic Medical Center in the North-East

E&M Coding and Documentation Accuracy

Lack of documentation—including the extent of history, examination, and complexity of medical decision making to support the level of E&M service—results in both revenue loss and risk of compliance audits.

Reventics enables healthcare providers to properly document each E&M service to support the reason, medical necessity, and appropriateness accurately. We use proactive analytics and focused medical record reviews to identify common documentation deficiency trends and deliver actionable feedback in near real-time.

HCC/RAF Coding and Documentation Accuracy

Accurately capturing disease comorbidity and documenting proper diagnosis codes in the outpatient setting is critical to optimizing reimbursement.
Documenting the diagnosis to the highest level of specificity as supported by clinical evidence results in an accurate hierarchical condition category (HCC) assignment, impacting risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores.

Reventics empowers healthcare providers to capture ICD diagnosis codes for precise HCC (both CMS and HSS), and RAF score assignments through advanced predictive analytics, comprehensive dashboards, and actionable HCC gap reporting.

CPT Code Assignment Accuracy

Capturing procedural specificity in the outpatient setting is vital for accurate CPT code assignment.
Reventics uses clinically focused algorithms to analyze encounter, pharma, laboratory, EHR, and custom data files. We evaluate provider data against different quality measures, utilization best practices, clinical and operational protocols, and patient satisfaction and safety guidelines to measure compliance rates and detect any inconsistencies.
Providers are given insight into the patient/measure/condition-specific metrics and key performance indicators that impact performance and reimbursement.

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