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Transformative Approach
and Proven ROI

Reventics' Provider Engagement Solutions RevCDI and RevMAX maximize provider revenue and improve compliance, delivering significant value across every point in the healthcare revenue cycle.

Multispecialty Capabilities

Our revenue cycle management (RCM) capabilities
span surgical and non-surgical specialties.

Leveraging our RevCDI™ and RevMAX™ products, we provide an end-to-end RCM model that creates a unique solution set for our clients, irrespective of the specialties in which they operate, including:

  • Anesthesia
  • Emergency Department
  • Hospitalists
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Ob-Gyn
  • Orthopedics
  • Pathology
  • Pediatrics
  • Pulmonology
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Telehealth
  • Urgent Care
  • Urology
Our Multi-specialty RCM expertise includes a deep bench of RCM specialists who have expertise on working on all leading practice management systems.

C-A-T Approach

Every aspect of Reventics’ solutions—from product development to implementation and ongoing insights—leverages our proprietary Clinically focused, Analytics led, and Technology driven (C-A-T) approach.
This framework enables revenue and compliance improvements, physician engagement, and scalability, which drive our leadership in provider engagement solutions.

Clinically Focused

  • We employ nearly 100 proprietary clinical algorithms developed specifically to for our Clinical Cognitive Engine that drives improved physician documentation.

  • We use widely-accepted, standardized condition definitions based on current medical literature to show physicians how to document conditions properly every time.
  • We ensure a simplified workflow through single sign-on integration with leading EHR that reduces physician fatigue while improving productivity.
  • We deploy a CMO-led clinically focused team comprised of physicians, registered nurses (“RNs”) and CDI specialists for all our client engagements.

Analytics Led

  • We deliver self-service, cloud-based insightful decision assist and predictive analytics.
  • We empower clinicians, practice administrators and executives with a holistic view of the coding and documentation process.
  • We ensure that our business intelligence portal delivers meaningful results by leveraging advanced data visualization technology.

Technology Driven

  • We enable integration directly into the EHR for enhanced provider engagement, ensuring better quality and cash per encounter via appropriate clinical outputs.
  • We deliver the industry’s only cloud-based CDI platform.

  • We leverage machine learning algorithms to enhance the current suite of service offerings.
  • We provide a mobile solution so that physicians can address deficiencies “on the go”.

Revenue Enhancement

Reventics drives revenue enhancement through solutions that improve coordination between physicians, coding/HIM professionals and medical billers.

We do this through a solution platform that enables a continuous feedback loop for real-time adjustments and analytics that help optimize revenue flow mapped to patient interaction with the practices across the three areas of pre-encounter, encounter and post-encounter.
As a result, we have routinely delivered a 15-20% improvement in key denials management metrics, a 5-10% improvement in collections and a 5%-15% increase in cash/wRVU.

I can’t believe we achieved double digit improvement in RVUs and reimbursement.

— VP and Department Administrator
Large Community Health System with 7 Hospitals in the Mid Atlantic

Compliance Improvement

Provider engagement is key to improving documentation, optimizing revenues, and comprehensively capturing patient data.
Using advanced clinical machine learning, Reventics offers real-time, continuous feedback with clear, concise direction on improvements that empower providers and increase provider autonomy.
We do this with fewer clicks, intuitive visualizations, and performance reporting that lower the technology demands that lead to physician burnout.
The result is compliance improvement, including:
  • 100% of charts reviewed for coding, billing and documentation

  • Utilization analysis to provide feedback on cost, quality, and throughput measures

  • Support for patient safety and care standards by ensuring complete documentation, accurate coding, and a commitment to compliance and regulations.

Our clients also benefit from the Reventics’ Compliance Program that was originally implemented and designed in accordance with OIG guidelines. Each year we review the OIG’s Annual Work Plan for the following year, as well as the accomplishments of our Compliance Program for that year, to determine what changes and audits will be incorporated into our program for the upcoming year. Our Global Compliance Committee, which meets quarterly, reviews and tracks all audit results, compliance issues and risk areas and provides guidance for the ongoing improvement of the Compliance Program.

Doubling improvement in critical care is directly related to Reventics’ feedback platform.

— VP, Revenue Cycle
Large Community Hospital in the Delaware Valley

Customer Delight

We are proud of our history of client success and satisfaction.
We see every relationship as a long-term partnership. We work to not only ensure that we meet our KPIs, but to help our clients ensure long-term clinical, financial, and operational success.

An Eight-Step Project Process

Every project follows an eight-step process focused on driving physician engagement, optimizing revenues, and improving compliance.

1 | Goal Setting

Review current performance to determine baseline and establish revised goals.

2 | Project Kickoff

Conduct preliminary workshop, designate physician champions and executive sponsors, agree on milestones.

3 | Solution Design

Create physician-led and technology driven customized plans for identified sites.

4 | Roll Out

Phased implementation of solution across sites in collaboration with the clinical directors and site executives.

5 | Performance Monitoring

Review physician adoption and engagement, and create site/ physician specific compliance led intervention plans.

6 | Feedback and Training

Provide periodic in-person and web-based training, supplemented by physician specific feedback.

7 | Output Measurement

Determine financial improvement, provide peer comparisons and recognize/reward high performance physicians/sites.

8 | Continuous Improvement

Augment existing performance through physician led training and in person reviews.

EHR Interoperability

You should have the assurance that your physician engagement solution can integrate seamlessly with your EHR. Not only do we integrate with every major EHR, but we also ensure real-time access to encounter and chart data to deliver the fastest and most complete feedback that will ensure compliance while optimizing revenues.
Reventics’ products enable single sign-on to streamline the workflow and drive adoption. Our insights are embedded within the EHR experience at the point of care so that physicians have access to the documentation insights when and where they need them. We can make sense of the structured and unstructured data delivered through the EHR so that we can provide the most comprehensive and actionable guidance that will improve performance, satisfaction, and operations.
Our insights are embedded within the EHR experience at the point of care so that physicians have access to the documentation insights when and where they need them.

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